Symantec 10 not updating defs

In a managed environment, the Daily Certified or Rapid Release file can be used to update virus definitions for the SEP client.

SEP clients will need to have third-party content management enabled before a can be applied.

For more information, please see Setting up sites and replication and Specifying which data to replicate.

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This batch file automatically downloads and extracts the latest file from a statically named executable (Navup8.exe), and copies the file to the appropriate location.The Live Update Administration Utility 1.x and Live Update Administrator 2.x On very large or widely distributed networks, it may be desirable to create an internal server and have clients use Live Update to retrieve updates from that server, rather than using the VDTM.Symantec offers two distinct products for downloading and distributing Live Update content on an internal network.If you apply the x86or definition update then you may experience problems updating secondary servers and clients.Read the following document for more information: TECH100441 - Primary server does not update secondary servers or clients using the VDTM.

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