Problems of verifying and validating real time systems

Many structural problems in the model come from poor or incorrect assumptions.The model is viewed as an input-output transformation for these tests.Due to that, a model should be verified and validated to the degree needed for the models intended purpose or application.

In software project management, software testing, and software engineering, verification and validation (V&V) is the process of checking that a software system meets specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose.

Statistical hypothesis testing using the t-test can be used as a basis to accept the model as valid or reject it as invalid.

The hypothesis to be tested is The test is conducted for a given sample size and level of significance or α.

For example, if system under consideration is a fast food drive through where input to model is customer arrival time and the output measure of performance is average customer time in line, then the actual arrival time and time spent in line for customers at the drive through would be recorded.

The model would be run with the actual arrival times and the model average time in line would be compared with the actual average time spent in line using one or more tests.

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