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Onions, garlic give a basic, yet Flavorful foundation.

The egg yolks spill a very rich, deep syrupiness that is brought out by the salty, fatty bacon.

Thoughts drift off like imagination vaporson a Sunday afternoon.

I'm captured by these Attention span caperslike the sun captivates the moon.

Eyes the color of the soft soil, from which everything good grows.Months later, when I was back in Australia continuing a relationship with him, he sent me a dick pic. Two things stood out the most, the pubes that had been given the haircut of a Gregorian monk, and the anal porn captured in a freeze frame in the background. One of my girlfriends was crashing at mine during this period and I showed her the picture. I had expressed several times before hand that there would be no spooning, no kissing, no sexing for it was neither my vanilla, strawberry nor my chocolate stripe that enjoyed the aggressive, porn computed tappings of his spoon. Then to where my girlfriends Lolly and Kimba were staying a few blocks away where I was able to rest my weary head and give my fight or flight instincts a much needed safe house.I say,"Love your eyes, it's how the rest of us see into your soul."Brown eyes are my favorite eyes. Exactly like the thoughts scalding The insides of my skull For example: Do you know what it’s like to Hate yourself?To not stop the Unbelief that you are any Good at all?

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