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He also appeared in This is England '86 (2010) and This is England '90 (2015), Born and Bred, a BBC documentary-drama about Norfolk farmer Tony Martin, and the villainous John in The Fades (2011).

He received his acting training from the Central Junior Television Workshop, Nottingham. He has been the voice of the Clearasil advertisements in the UK.

As of 2017, he has appeared in the first three and seventh of its seven seasons.

In November 2008, he appeared in The Moment of Truth, episode 10 of the BBC show Merlin.

He plays Will, who is an old friend of Merlin's, from the village in which they grew up together.

“In terms of playing the character, though, I had to sort of do a lot of my own thinking and there wasn’t much information to go on about his past or anything that really shaped him into the person that he kind of is,” Joe continues.

“So I just kind of wanted to make him a nice guy, who was a man of principle…

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