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Colorado’s own middleweight champion, Vinnie “The Assault” Lopez is a big softy, at least when it comes to his wife and business partner.Enticed by the raw contest, Vinnie began training in 2008 at Grudge Training Center, a hub for local fighters, and by 2009 was headed into an undefeated amateur mixed martial arts career. “What was appealing to me was the humbling aspect.” Meanwhile, Vinnie built his own personal training business, which he dove into completely after retiring from fighting at the end of 2013.And Barnett, who says she was "struggling" with writing a follow-up to her successful debut LP, loved the idea of a fun side project.A few months later, she invited him to a Melbourne studio to work on "Over Everything" and another song she'd dreamed up for him in return. "We discovered we could finish things on the quick, like an outlaw country singer, or Neil Young." Adds Barnett, "We were mucking around, eating pizza, and we had all these songs all of a sudden."The pair continued working throughout 2016.

They also recorded reinterpretations of each other's songs (Barnett's rueful take on Vile's "Peeping Tomboy" is a standout).

“Though there are lots of trends in the industry, a lot of it is really flawed, from the programming to the functionality,” Vinnie says. He says the biggest challenge with the business is “needing to pull back.

“People often don’t see results or end up getting hurt. But until your foundation is proven, stick to the basics.” Vinnie manages the staff, operations and has one-on-one sessions. She says she and Vinnie “work well together,” and attributes that to their foundation as friends. I don’t want my wife working herself to the bone,” he says.

“I’d much rather that be me.” She adds that the personal nature of the business can also be demanding.

“You get invested in people, in their stories.” “She babies them,” Vinnie says, while he explains he stays away from “the drama.” But it’s that dynamic that may just be the power behind their partnership.

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