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Get to know the new ANZ App and share your feedback in the App Store. Add your insurance details so you have everything close to hand if you need it. We recommend updating your device operating system, as well as the ANZ App, regularly.Better yet, turn on automatic updates so you’re always up to date.We’ve taken two apps and combined them into one, that means in the short term there are a few differences between ANZ App for Android and i OS.We’re working fast to add new features you’ll love in the coming months. If you're already using Grow or ANZ go Money you can keep doing so for now.

Please note for ANZ Home Insurance , ANZ Landlord Insurance and ANZ Car Insurance the discount is only applicable to the first year's premium.

Once that’s done, you’ll have one 4-digit PIN that’ll give you access to the app across all your devices.

But remember you can only log-in to one device at a time.

Visit the Internet Banking registration page on to get started. You’ll be prompted to enter your existing Grow PIN and may receive a confirmation text.

We may ask for additional information to ensure your account is protected.

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