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Taking your relationship long-distance can be a defining step that proves how strong your love is—or it can be a recipe for disaster.

Seriously, who wants to be separated from the person they love for any extended period of time?

Whether it's a salesperson, frenemy, or someone you just need a digital break from for a bit, Apple lets you limit the communication received from the outside world.

If you have people or unknown, annoying numbers that you'd prefer not to see messages or receive phone and Facetime calls from, follow the instructions below. But a perceptive friend might notice that they can never get a hold of you.

Sure, women have penned magazine articles and blog posts on babies adding tension to a relationship, but few moms, even many of my friends, are willing to come clean about how rocky (or worse, platonic) things can get after you give birth.

We overanalyze ourselves as parents, but we rarely speak candidly about our marriages.

Is it because we’re afraid of others judging our relationships and doubting their stability, because we can divorce our spouses, but we’re stuck with our “annoying” kids forever?

Then, after a quick goodnight kiss, we retire to separate bedrooms for the night.

During the two weeks of my husband’s paternity leave, we discovered a couple of things: Baby J is loud at night, with all her little newborn grunting as she squirms around; and my insomniac husband cannot sleep through the noise.

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