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The book: contributes to the growing literature on 9/11, presenting an overview of some of the main texts that have represented the attacks and their aftermath; focuses on Don De Lillo, adding to the literature surrounding this major American novelist; focuses on Martin Amis, adding to the growing critical work on this much-discussed British novelist and essayist; and provides a critical analysis of the Oscar-winning film Man on Wire, regarding its oblique references to 9/11.Here at B B Edinburgh, we find that many of our guests are keen to visit Edinburgh Zoo to visit the giant pandas.Edinburgh Zoo is also home to sun bears, the smallest and rarest bears in the world.The Budongo Trail is home to the zoo’s 10 chimpanzees and is used to study the different behavioural patterns of the animals.During this time Tian Tian and Yang Guang will be more active, displaying mating behaviours such as scent marking, and in Yang Guang, the male panda’s case, eating more bamboo and trying to impress his potential mate by doing headstands!The zoo has insisted that no funny business will be streamed on the web-cams, and the panda cameras are live and ready to view on the Edinburgh Zoo website.The cameras and organisation of the camera set up were donated to Edinburgh Zoo by the company Indiago Vision.

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Flights to Edinburgh from London are available from London City Airport and take just 80 minutes making Edinburgh a great choice for a UK city break.

Like to just sit and watch people, best viewing for this is during daylight hours when activity is at its highest.

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Giant pandas are an endangered species and Edinburgh Zoo hopes they will breed successfully during their 10 year loan from China.

The cameras have been installed at this time as it’s mating season for the pandas.

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