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Dr Mathew Mathews, senior research fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies and research consultant for the 2016 survey, said that singles need to be more proactive instead of leaving dating to chance if they aspire to get married.

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With permission from their parents, Indonesian girls can legally marry at age 16, but boys must wait until they are 19. Nikah siri is a secret marriage carried out under Islamic law.

"I think for my age now, it is still okay to have such a mindset.

A religious officer canes an Acehnese youth onstage as punishment for dating outside marriage, which is against Sharia, or Islamic law on Aug. The strictly Muslim province, Aceh is the only one in Indonesia with Sharia.

Among the singles not dating seriously, four out of 10 prefer to leave dating to chance.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Josephine Teo, who oversees population matters, wrote on Facebook on Saturday that she is happy that marriage and parenthood remain important life goals that many Singaporeans aspire to.

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