Bsd ports updating

The following example shows how to use the cvs utility to update the Open BSD 3.9 ports collection: $ The CVSROOT variable contains the server to connect to, the “-r” option is used to specify the Open BSD tag (each Open BSD version has a tag, and the example above contains the tag for the 3.9 release), the “-P” option causes cvs to prune empty directories, and the “ports” option indicates which repository to checkout.This command will update the software in /usr/ports if new versions are available, and create the /usr/ports hierarchy if it doesn’t exist.

Upon execution, it will connect to a remote site, verify the secure key, and download a new copy of the ports collection. The first is to simply force a power cycle to the server using the Digital Ocean control panel.This will result in a forceful and ungraceful restart of the server, but when you boot back up, it will be using the updated environment.This article will show how to configure an Open BSD system to retrieve the latest version of the ports repository, and how to build a package from the ports collection.To utilize the ports collection on an Open BSD server, you will first need to retrieve the gz tar archive for the release of Open BSD you are using.

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