Adult dates xxxxxx

Credit card will be charged ifguestdoes not arrive and does not cancel the reservation, or if guest cancels the reservation within the cancellation policy ofa rate type. Will close the PNR anyway This message comes when there is NOT enough minimum connecting time in the PNR.

The connection in such cases is not allowed by the airline.

Sometimes when transatlantic segments are on American carriers and the TLV-EUR are on European carriers or LY the system charges all YQ/YR taxes.

Adult dates xxxxxx-6Adult dates xxxxxx-4

Some of the airlines assume that if a ticket number is added manually it is factious and may cancel reservation. You need to book it one room at a time using the above options. at each of above entries to ticket and send email at once.

If PNR is cancelled you will not be able to process a Void Please be infromed that airlines will be charging for PNRs that are made under the name TEST.

Airlines do not allow to make such booking even if the PNRs are cancelled a few minutes later.

To add taxes Click in the "currency" field system will automatically add USD Add the amount in the next box Add the tax code in the next box No need to add anything in the type.

After the taxes are updated click on OK Click on update Click on OK close the data with the X on the right hand side. List of correct PTC (passenger type codes) and formats (CHD/05JAN99) Child with DOB (INF/MOSHE/05JAN07) Infant with samelast name as parent (INFLEVY/MOSHE/05JAN07)Infant with different last name (YTH)Youth (STU)Student (YCD) Senior of most airlines (S65)Senior on TK airlines Companion (CMP)One passenger (CMA)2nd passenger Familyplan (HOF) Head of family (once of the passengers) (SPS) Spouse family plan (F07) Child 7 years old f and age of child in2 number.

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